"Since the pandemic began, I have become a full-time student (15 credit hours) online, a full-time teacher to my eight-year-old daughter, a full-time daycare provider for my four-year-old son, and a part-time student worker all at home. The reason I applied for the emergency fund was to have some security during this time. I am a mother of two children, and we have had some financial obligations that left me with hardly anything in my banking account. The funding will provide a cushion to buy school supplies, medications, and get caught up on any bills that we may get behind on during the pandemic.”


“Several weeks ago, I never would have thought that this pandemic would disrupt everything I had planned. Had I known that the last time I was on campus at NKU would be the very last time, I would have embraced my friends and thanked my professors. I thought we had more time together. I applied for the fund because my family has been economically impacted by the virus, as we all have. I didn't have anywhere to turn for funds after a series of opportunities were cancelled. It's been very difficult, but again I am so thankful to the donors. Once the pandemic is over, I am looking forward to being the first person in my immediate family to earn a Master's degree in playwriting at the historical writer's workshop at the University of Iowa, where my hero, Tennessee Williams studied.”


“I am not able to work one of my jobs at all. Knowing that I will not have income for an unknown amount of time has been tremendously stressful. I have already made some cost-effective changes to help offset my income loss. The primary reason I applied for assistance through the COVID-19 Student Emergency Fund is that because I know I will not be getting another paycheck, and I don’t have any other sources of income. Once the COVID-19 pandemic is over, I am looking forward to enjoying the beautiful Spring or Summer, whichever it may be! I’m looking forward to getting together with the people I love and care about, getting back to work, and having a sense of normalcy most of all.”

Chase Student
Anonymous Chase Law Student

“It is extremely difficult to study and do well when you are also worried about those around you. There is a lot of more work to do, believe it or not. For example, I don't have a clothes washer, so I have to wash my clothes in the bathtub. My mom has offered to take them and wash them herself... but to keep my clothes away from her (because she is high risk.) I do them myself. I need help paying for groceries. I first heard about [the COVID-19 Student Emergency Fund] from an administrator when I asked her whether the NKU food pantry was still open during the pandemic. As a side note: she offered to drop off groceries at my house until the emergency funding was processed! Amazing woman.”


“This has tremendously affected my studies, relationships, and work-life. I am temporarily out of a job at my place of work, where I was a server. I LOVED my job there, and I miss my co-workers so much! The primary reason I applied for this fund is that because I relied on my tips to pay my bills and now I have no income flowing in. I only had about $20 in my account when my job closed. I was not expecting it and have had to buy my food and gas through my credit card. I have rent to pay along with my Duke bill, Spectrum, and multiple other bills. I also wanted to thank everyone involved in making this fund possible! It is an amazing thing for NKU to have available for their students.”


“The pandemic has affected my studies dramatically, after all my classes moved online. This was a pretty big shift; at first, I was a little hesitant about how my classes would work, especially my broadcasting class. I was able to borrow a laptop from the school, and talk to IT remotely to get access to the software I needed. My work has also been impacted. I am unemployed because I had to move off-campus, and my job was near my school. I applied for assistance because I knew this would impact my family, as well. Right now, I am not working, and my mom is a single mother with children. This fund is very helpful in getting basic necessities.”


“My life has changed drastically since the outbreak of COVID-19. As a person that falls into the high-risk category, I have to consider the many risks I'm taking before I leave the house. I no longer go to the grocery store or put gas in my car, and have to rely on friends to get me what I need. It is hard but makes me appreciate my support systems even more during these difficult times. I applied for assistance through the Student Emergency Fund to help make up for lost wages while being in quarantine. I live paycheck to paycheck, so any lost income is a huge hit. I look forward to returning to campus when the COVID-19 pandemic has ended. Faculty and staff have done an amazing job adapting to online classes, but I miss connecting with the NKU community in person.”


“With the virus, I had to look for another job because I was going to work on campus for the rest of the year. I got a job at DHL putting meals on the planes for the pilots, but I have no PPE (personal protective equipment) to protect me. I am around a lot of people and get on planes that have come from out of the country. So my exposure chances to the virus are high. The primary reason I applied is to get help on rent. When the virus happened, it messed up my chances of getting a full month's worth of work, thus putting me behind financially. The one thing I look forward to the most when this is over is being able to go see my grandparents."


“I’m a BFA Dance Major here at Northern Kentucky University and have a beautiful nine-month-old son. Before COVID-19, my fiancé and I established a cozy life for ourselves. Once the virus hit, we were severely impacted on multiple fronts. I heard about this Relief Fund through Michael Hatton, Program Head for the Theatre and Dance Program. As you may or may not know, diapers and formula are very expensive. This fund has made it possible for my fiancé and me to keep our heads above water during these trying times. We're able to keep our electricity on and our son Buddy's belly full. I cannot thank each and every one of you enough for your generosity. You have lifted my family and me out of possible darkness and into safety.” 


"On March 15, I was working a double serving tables at Longhorn Steakhouse located in Cincinnati, Ohio. [There] I saw the news headline stating that Ohio was planning to close all restaurants and bars, effective almost immediately. I instantly felt a rush of panic. [This] has created an enormous amount of stress on not only myself but my two roommates as well. All three of us worked at the same restaurant, which has left us all unemployed. I heard about the COVID-19 Student Emergency Fund from a professor I have had several times in the past. This professor has been a great part of my success at NKU, and the care he has for his students is amazing. Every penny makes a difference, and I am so grateful for all of the wonderful people who have donated to the student emergency fund! As a student with a future business career, I strive to use this time to educate myself and better prepare for whatever life may throw my way!”


“I have been laid off from all my jobs but one, and my income from my last remaining job is only about half of what I would make normally. My mental health has been ricocheting daily due to all of the constant anxiety and lack of physical connection from my family and friends. My physical health will most likely begin to take a downturn as non-pharmaceutical therapies I use to manage my condition remain inaccessible. As a part-time worker, I didn’t know (and am still unsure) if I would qualify for unemployment. The process also takes a few weeks, as they are understandably swamped, but the rent was due now. I couldn’t afford to wait for them. I also don’t have the option of trying to apply at a grocery store or other essential business due to my health. I was facing payments and had no income, so I figured if there was even a chance I could get help, I should go for it.”


“One night I’m flipping stools onto the bar, closing down shop. Then I wake up the next morning to get ready for work with hundreds of notifications and an e-mail from my boss saying that our locations are closed indefinitely and well wishes. It was soul-crushing, mentally, emotionally and financially disruptive. With the unemployment process being one filled with challenges and hiccups. I have yet to be approved for that, which took me from having the cash in a hiding spot to pay for my tuition to struggling to keep Wi-Fi in my house to continue classes. This relief fund is going to help immensely, and I hope to find a way to give back post COVID-19 crisis. Thank you once again for the relief and financial help during these very trying times.” 


"I am an Advanced Standing MSW student in my final semester. My life has changed drastically since the COVID-19 pandemic began, previously I worked two jobs and an unpaid practicum as a third job, I was laid off of both jobs and now complete my practicum online. This has impacted my studies, as I view my program more than just classes, I valued and looked forward to my Fridays on campus to spend time with my cohort and phenomenal professors, who I no longer get to see. I heard about the COVID-19 relief from a fellow student, and I applied primarily due to no longer being fully unemployed and a lack of financial support that I once had. I am grateful for those who are supporting students in this difficult time as it goes beyond financial strain and instead is bringing forth a sense of community at NKU.”


“COVID-19 changed my life in the ways I could never imagine. Our tennis season got canceled, which limited me of doing what I love, competing for NKU. I was supposed to graduate this May, so now I'm not going to be able to walk at the graduation ceremony. I was also a tutor with regularly booked sessions with students, but since the virus happened, we had to move online, and no one is booking tutoring lessons with me. I don't have any other job. The primary reason I applied is to make sure I can buy some food for myself because I've been stuck here in the USA.”


“First off, my life has become very isolated. It's just my kids and me. I lost my jobs because of COVID-19 and can't even work for places like Kroger because my children and I have breathing issues and my youngest is disabled. I heard about the student emergency fund from the school’s website and figured it didn't hurt to apply. I applied in hopes of receiving some help so I can feed my children and try to keep a roof over their heads. The thing I am looking most forward to when all this settles is being able to be with my family and going to parks and letting my kids be kids. I try to keep a brave face for my kids, but they know we are struggling and that it is going to be hard for us to make it through all of this. Thank you for the help and support you will be bringing to my family.” 


“Since COVID-19, I became a caregiver for my mom, who has a severe health condition where she was ordered a while back not to leave the house for anything, not even groceries if possible. So, that's a big role that I didn't have before! I am also not working at either of my jobs right now due to COVID-19. I really just needed help with getting WiFi for my apartment and a good laptop so that I could do my school work. I’m most looking forward to walking on the river with my cousins, going to the gym, and going to the movie theater with my best friend. I miss things like that the most.”


“Being out of a job, having to stay at home, and focusing on schoolwork was a nightmare at first, but then I realized this is the only time I will ever have this opportunity to devote my attention to school and build my branding to get a better job. I was waitlisted for unemployment in Ohio and unable to keep paying for my bills. This money will allow me to focus on school while looking for a job. Once the pandemic ends, I cannot wait to go back outside and go on adventures. I also miss working for a break. This whole quarantine has felt like a break, and as much as I would complain about work, I loved my job and miss having a rewarding break after working hard all week.”


“Both being servers, my boyfriend and I temporarily lost our jobs a couple of weeks ago as restaurants in KY and OH were shut down. We both pay all of our bills with no assistance, and I pay my out-of-pocket tuition on my own as well. Suddenly and unexpectedly losing all of our income has been devastating to us, especially since both Ohio and Kentucky Unemployment Insurance is overwhelmed and taking a long time to process. He and I both have yet to see an unemployment check, but our bills are still due in the meantime. The award I've been granted will cover my portion of rent for next month and some of his, which is going to be an immense help to us both. I cannot express how appreciative I am of the generosity of the donors who made these funds available. Having one less large bill to worry about paying has given me so much relief.”


“I heard about the Emergency Student Fund through friends I have on campus, as well as different professors I've worked with throughout my tenure at Northern Kentucky University. Largely, I applied for this fund due to the uncertainty of my personal finances in this time, as well as trying to resolve the money I owe to the University for my time here. Being a student for five years definitely puts a financial strain on an individual who is paying for college on their own, and while I am extremely proud of the work I have done and happy to leave Northern Kentucky University with two degrees, any help during this time is extremely appreciated and I am eternally grateful for the opportunity afforded to me here.”


“No more school, no more work, no more playing soccer, skating, going to the gym, social events, nightlife... Life has slowed down, and it has been nice taking the time to reflect and focus my mind in other places, but there is only so much I can take of being stuck at home. I held a job as a bartender and waiter, but due to the pandemic, I have been laid off. Times are tough, and I'm trying my best to keep the morale up. Marc Leone, a professor of mine, let our class know about the fund. I really appreciate him doing that for us. When this is over, to be honest, I can't wait to go to my favorite local bar and have a toast with all my friends!”


“I am so grateful to all donors who did their best to make this a reality. I am working less than eight hours per day, which means less money while bills remain constant. As I don't have a car, I used to use the bus to get to work, but the Tank is not operating on a regular schedule. I had to start using Uber to get to work. This brought an unexpected expense to my budget. It became so difficult for me to afford it. That's why when I saw this news about the Student Emergency Fund on the NKU website, I decided to apply, so I could be able to take Uber and go to work. I really thank all donors for their support. Thanks to you all, I will be able to go to work, and I can still pay my rent.”

Camden and Savhannah

“I have become increasingly worried about how I was going to pay my rent and survive for however long we are unsure of living as such. I no longer get to go and hang out with my friends or go to work as I once did. I am learning to adapt and find new ways to keep myself busy. My family all lives pretty far away, so most of the time I don’t see them on average as is. My girlfriend lives with me, so trying to take care of her is my main priority. I do miss working and being able to be independent instead of relying on things like this (although I am incredibly grateful).”


“These next two months were supposed to be filled with the most exciting times of my life because I had SO many things to look forward to, but a lot of that has been taken away from me. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve dreamt about the moment I’d walk across that stage and grab my college diploma as a first-generation student. My first ever teaching position interview was canceled, job fairs were canceled, my spring break trip was canceled. What really became the biggest stressor was when I lost both of my jobs within the same week. As someone who pays for all their own needs and wants, I didn’t know how I was going to pay for groceries, medical bills, and credit card bills that I had to charge for graduation and standardized test purposes. Going from 2 jobs to 0 jobs gave me the push I needed to apply for this fund.”


“My life has drastically changed since the COVID-19 pandemic because I started the month of February studying abroad in the Netherlands and ended being brought back to America. Since I started attending NKU, I knew I wanted to study abroad and explore Europe, but COVID 19 has ended all of those dreams. I heard about the COVID- 19 student emergency fund through my boyfriend’s mother, who was very concerned since we had to buy unexpected flight tickets on top of the tickets we already bought to return home. I applied for assistance for my rent and groceries for the time being, while I don't have a job at the moment and a steady source of income, it is nice to have some help.”


“I have lost my job at the Cincinnati Zoo, my classes have all shifted online, and everything has been at home now. At the zoo, I was just promoted to leadership and have not been able to begin training due to the indefinite closure. By reading the letters from the NKU president, I became aware of the fund and looked it up after. I was very excited to see how much the community was willing to help us out in this unusual time. I applied because of necessities such as electric, Wi-Fi for online classes, food, and rent.”


“The virus has forced me to become unemployed, which places an extremely large financial burden on my shoulders. I now have completely online classes, including virtual simulations to replace in-hospital clinicals, which makes me worry about the level of learning I'm experiencing so close to taking my boards for nursing and becoming a Registered Nurse myself. I've had to give up my graduation ceremony, which as a first-generation student who has paid for school completely independently, was a hard loss. I applied for the COVID-19 Student Emergency Fund because I am genuinely in great need of financial assistance. This pandemic has taken so much from me and replaced it with so much worry on my shoulders. Monetary assistance from this emergency fund allowed a little bit of relief from that stress, knowing that I could make a rent payment, and maybe cover another bill.”


“The COVID-19 Pandemic has ruined a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. I was out of the country studying abroad in The Netherlands, which is a place I wanted to visit ever since my trip to Israel back in 2015. I had to stop what I was doing overseas and rush back to America. The primary reason why I applied for assistance through the COVID-19 Student Emergency Funds is that I had to come back from my studies months before expected, which puts me in a compromising situation. I have come back to America with no access to earning money for myself for the time being due to me coming from out the country and the fact that employers are also not hiring at this time. I have bills to pay but no money to pay them with.”


“This is the weirdest situation I have ever experienced. I am a person who likes to be on his feet, and the lack of activity has really provided nothing but boredom. My Residential Assistant job was cut short, and to not have those goodbyes to my residents is an odd ending. When hearing about COVID-19 Student Emergency Fund through e-mail, I knew that I had to apply. I have taken student leadership jobs as an Orientation Leader and a RA over the past year; these jobs are great for building my character, but they do not have strong financial benefits. I was reliant on my meal plan, so to have that taken was my biggest worry. This fund is so appreciated, and I cannot thank my university enough for its commitment to student well-being. When all of this blows by, I look forward to a life without fear of interaction. I miss people, my friends and family keep me happy, so I am excited about that freedom.”


“I am a first-generation, first-year college student, and it has been nearly ten years since I was in high school. I work as a valet driver and deal with hundreds of people and their vehicles daily, so we were at very high risk for contracting COVID-19. Given the severity of the situation, my job was among the first to shut down all workers and move forward with mass layoffs. I still have not received unemployment despite filing weeks ago, and I have no way to pay for my bills. Receiving this award from the COVID-19 Student Emergency Fund will do so much in alleviating some of that financial burden. I want to take this time to say thank you endlessly to the donors who made this program and assistance possible for students in this time of need. I believe I speak for every student who can take advantage of the program when I say it's great to know we are not alone in this, and there are people willing to help."